Please have a look at the Notes for Walkers and Leaders printed at after the walk  descriptions and the ‘Useful Links’.


09:35 X17 bus to Meadowhead,

Beauchief Abbey, Rough Standhills, Ringinglow, Forge Dam or Crimicar Lane, (End depends on weather)

8 miles.


09:35 bus to Top Slack,

Overton Hall, Fallgate, Edges Farm, Stretton Hall, Clay Cross.

 6 miles


09:33 57 bus from Flat Street (FS 2) to Deepcar, (Carr Rd 10:03),

Green Moor, Wortley Top Forge, Finkle St, Wharncliffe Chase, Hall Wood, High Green,

7 miles.


09:40 218 bus to Baslow

Hunting Tower, Rabbit Warren, Beeley, Chatsworth Park, Baslow.

8 ¼ miles

Note – Leaders will meet bus.


09:35 65 bus to Fox House,

Houndkirk Moor, Limb Valley, Eccleshall Woods, Ladies Spring Wood, Parkbank Wood, Bocking Lane, Beauchief,

7 ½ miles


08:55 257 bus to Moscar Lodge (09:20)

Stanage Edge, Stanage Pole, Hallamshire Golf Course.

8 miles

Sunday 26th March


Details Later

For information email goodcompanionsrambling@gmail.com or phone 07719 925 654

Useful Links:


Local Weather – Met Office

Met Office Warnings

Peak District Weather Forecast – Derwent Valley

Peak District Weather Forecast – Summits

Peak District Mountain Weather Forecasts

Notes for Walkers and Leaders

The following notes are taken from the latest printed syllabus.

Notes for Walkers

Our walks generally run smoothly and are enjoyable and satisfying but the Executive Committee thought it would be useful to remind ourselves of some factors which help ensure everyone can enjoy the walks.

1.Make sure you are fit enough to undertake the walk you are joining and if you are unsure contact the leader for advice (via Rambles Secretary) and /or go on a shorter walk first. It’s much better to find the walk too easy than to make yourself miserable and exhausted.

2.Always ensure you have suitable clothing and footwear and bring Waterproofs and food and drink for the day.

3.Members should respect the leader and the fact that they will have spent time planning and preparing the walk so please fit in with his/her timings etc.

4.Members should not get too far ahead of the leader and should wait at any junction for the leader to indicate the route and allow time for slower walkers to catch up.

5.Conversely, members should not deliberately walk slowly and so jeopardise the catching of the planned bus or train.

6.Any member wishing to catch earlier transport than that planned, or to take a different route, should inform the leader and leave the walk without trying to influence the speed of the remaining party.

It is hoped that these points will be helpful to everyone coming out on our walks and maintain the reputation the club has for being welcoming and organising enjoyable walks.


Members should observe the countryside code.

Provided dogs are kept under control at ALL TIMES as stated in the countryside code, there is no objection to them being brought on rambles at the discretion of the leader.

The use of radios on rambles with the Good Companions shall be strictly prohibited.

No flasks to be used in public houses.



By law you must control your dog so that it does not scare or disturb farm animals or wildlife. On most areas of open country and common land, known as “access land” you must keep your dog on a short fixed lead (2m max) between 1 March and 31 July – and all year round near farm animals.

**Specific local restrictions may be in place, for example to exclude dogs from grouse moors, so please check the open access maps and restriction s information on the website www.countrysideaccess.gov.uk and lookout for local signs.


Please check before bringing dogs on a walk as most access land is barred to dogs.**

Where dogs are allowed they must be on a short fixed lead at all times.



1.-should familiarise themselves with their ramble before they lead it as hazards can arise even on well-used routes.

2.-should appoint a backmarker who ideally should pre-walk the route with them.

3.-In a 4th February 2022 review of the notes it as been decided to change note three
to give leaders more flexibility. Note now reads:-

“Leaders may change the route of their ramble on the day of the walk
but should aim to follow the route described in the programme,
Extra miles should only be added to deal with a serious unforeseen

[superceded note] -“may change the route of their ramble if it is considered wise for the safety of the party but such a decision should only be taken in case of emergency or abnormal weather conditions.”

4.-should consider the needs of slower members of the party, allowing them adequate time on rambles.

5.-who have any doubts or worries about their ramble should contact a member of the Rambles Committee who will be pleased to assist.

6.-who are unable to take their ramble should notify the Rambles Committee and another leader should be appointed.

7.-who are unable to join the transport at the point shown in the Syllabus should ensure a deputy is there.

8.-should carry a basic first aid kit.


Assess patient. Phone police in relevant county. Ask for Mountain Rescue (999 or 112 – Write down info before phoning police). Give grid reference, and other points of reference and as much info about patients injuries as possible. Make patient as comfortable as possible, give first aid if needed and qualified. Monitor patient regularly. Be aware of other members of party.

Derbyshire Wayfarer

Verified by Chesterfield information centre:-

Derbyshire wayfarer scratch cards cannot be used after the end of
December 2021. Another scheme is being introduced but at this present time
they do not know the details.

There can be no further exchanges with wayfarers and no refunds.

NOTE: From Rambles Secretary’s  email-

“News on Derbyshire Wayfarer – I am told they can no longer be purchased from the driver on buses going into Derbyshire.

The only place they can be purchased in Sheffield is the railway station.
Advance payment scratch cards have to be purchased at information
centres in Derbyshire, Bakewell, Castleton, Chesterfield etc.”

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