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Thurs/Fri – 14th/15th December at 7.30 pm. Christmas Concert – Central Methodist Church, Lodge Lane, Aston, S26 2BP. Jackie’s father in law Alan is in the choir and organises the festive evening for charity. It’s a fantastic night with free refreshments, Dorothy has been and highly recommends it.

A lovely message from our new member Valerie Hartshorn 4/11/17

After my husband passed away in September 2016, and after many lonely walks each Sunday from Crosspool to Forge Dam to fill the time. I realised that it was up to me to find another way to enjoy walking and hence the search for a walking group began. After visiting the Central Library who had suggested I look on the ‘Sheffield Directory’ website, I came across the ‘Good Companions Rambling Club’ which seemed to fit everything I was looking for.

My first walk was in February, 2017, with Judy Gathercole as Leader, in heavy driving snow, wearing jeans, old walking boots and a padded coat which I owned from visiting Whitby at New Year. Despite being cold, wet and absolutely drenched, I knew I had made the right choice on that day. “Good
Companions” is certainly the right name. I feel enormously welcomed into the group and have been included in all the activities which have taken place. I was also very pleased to be asked to join Ros, Ann and Sue walking the Cumbria Way in August, which I still cannot believe I completed. I’ll be forever grateful for the support they gave me. Whether it be having conversations with fellow walkers or appreciating the natural beauty of the countryside, the fun and enjoyment I have experienced as part of this group has contributed immensely in helping me adjust to a new way of life.

Cath’s Autumn Walk Report

Sunday 8th October dawned cloudy with the promise of sunshine later. With Autumn tinges already appearing I was full of expectation, and I was not disappointed. The walk would take us via More Hall and Broomhead reservoirs, over White Lee Moor and down to Low Bradfield.

The colours along the avenue of trees alongside More Hall reservoir were stunning; shades of brown, and gold gleaming in the bright sun with a blue sky behind the branches and glistening highlights on the water. Other woodlands had newly fallen oak, or beech leaves on the ground along with spikey sweet chestnuts,  polished horse chestnuts, or pine cones.

Around lunch time on White Lee Moor we had extensive, views of the moorlands, which were just so photogenic with the bronze of the dead bracken and the shifting shadows from a dramatic sky, with its silver-lined clouds . Here and there isolated trees stood partly leafless, green patches of agricultural land poked into the brown and a buzzard caught our attention.

Close up we observed a few patches of heather with a little colour remaining, some bilberries and red hawthorn berries, and a number of different fungus types. The red fly agaric with its creamy spots is always a lovely sight and looks as if it should have a gnome sitting on it!

We were a group of thirteen today and most of us finished off with a relaxing social chat and drink at a pub, it was the perfect conclusion to a perfect Autumn day out, and to think that I nearly stayed at home that day! I would have missed out.

Cath’s Summer Walk Report

We learned some interesting things on last Sundays walk around Thurgoland and Silkstone Common. It was a pleasant summer’s day with the clouds and the sunshine taking turns to dominate, and a refreshing warm breeze kept it from becoming too hot. We walked alongside the River Don, which was in the shade of trees at coffee break, but that just made the fish that jumped out of the water look bright by contrast. The dappled shade was very attractive.

A highlight of summer is always the flowers, and we passed many lovely cottage gardens. Towards the end of the day, across the valley ahead we saw a
whole field of orange-red poppies standing out against all the nearby green fields – a beautiful sight!

Rumtickle old railway viaduct was the usual Victorian style, but we were intrigued to see a memorial stone, high up, to a worker who was killed during its construction.  At lunch time in Nabbs Wood  we sat beside the memorial to the Huskar Pit mining disaster in July 1838, when 26 children were drowned. The sculpture is of two children crawling out of an underground cave. Both are poignant reminders of working conditions in times past.

It was good to have leaders who could help me to learn more about the area, it certainly added to the day’s walk. ”

Shame I missed that walk Cath! You are very observant of the surrounding area. It sounded an interesting day.

Cath & Malcolm’s 70th birthday bash 22/5/17

What a fantastic evening we had at Wetherspoons celebrating Cath & Maclom’s joint 70th birthday. There was a lovely buffet, amazing cake and Ros organised a quiz. Any photos can be forwarded to me for putting on the site.

Cath’s Spring Walk Report

Sunday 23rd April was a beautiful Spring day in the Peak District, we had warm sunshine with a cool breeze and clear blue sky. Who could ask for better walking conditions?

The landscape was really waking up after winter; leaves on trees were partly open so we could see through them to the blue sky beyond, masses of pink or white blossom were everywhere,(There was a stunning example near the river in Bakewell), carpets of blue forget-me-nots and white wood anemones added extra colour.
Birds were singing all around us at lunch below Monsal Head. I identified chiff-chaffs, wood warblers and great tits, and a robin hopped around as we sat in the sunshine on the Monsal trail.
The water in the River Wye was so clear, and it sparkled like a gem as we concluded our walk at Ashford-in- the-Water. We spent a few minutes watching trout from the bridge.
It was all done at a speed that allowed us time to enjoy the treasures of Spring, and have time for ice-creams as well!  Do come and join us, it is a really good way to experience all that nature has to offer.
( Sounds like a fab day Cath. Forward anymore reports back to me and I will add them. Remember photos also welcome)





22.4.17- Lovely evening and Gary & Ann’s wedding at Whirlow Hall. The band, food, company and venue were all excellent. We wish them all the best for the future and hope they have a fantastic time in Italy on their honeymoon. Did anyone have any photos they could forward as I was too busy talking!

Fantastic Christmas meal at The Little John Inn, Hathersage. Over 35 members went for a lovely meal, everything was well organised and the food fab. Thanks for organising Ros, did anyone take any pictures as I forgot! Jackie






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