Comments/News – NEW MESSAGE


Su has sent a lovely photo of some interesting fungus! Please send any photos to me and I will add the to the site. as they add interest and colour. Can anyone put a name to this interesting specimen!  20.9.19

A lovely message from our new member Valerie Hartshorn 4/11/17
After my husband passed away in September 2016, and after many lonely walks each Sunday from Crosspool to Forge Dam to fill the time. I realised that it was up to me to find another way to enjoy walking and hence the search for a walking group began. After visiting the Central Library who had suggested I look on the ‘Sheffield Directory’ website, I came across the ‘Good Companions Rambling Club’ which seemed to fit everything I was looking for.
My first walk was in February, 2017, with Judy Gathercole as Leader, in heavy driving snow, wearing jeans, old walking boots and a padded coat which I owned from visiting Whitby at New Year. Despite being cold, wet and absolutely drenched, I knew I had made the right choice on that day. “Good
Companions” is certainly the right name. I feel enormously welcomed into the group and have been included in all the activities which have taken place. I was also very pleased to be asked to join Ros, Ann and Sue walking the Cumbria Way in August, which I still cannot believe I completed. I’ll be forever grateful for the support they gave me. Whether it be having conversations with fellow walkers or appreciating the natural beauty of the countryside, the fun and enjoyment I have experienced as part of this group has contributed immensely in helping me adjust to a new way of life.

What kind comments Val, it looks like you have settled well in The Good Companions. We hope that you have more good times and enjoy walking and socialising with us.